addlink Smartlink 16GB (2micro USB + USB)



Multiple Flash Drive

addlink Smartlink station is a multifunctional mobile phone accessory, it combines a flash drive, micro-USB data cable, OTG into one product to meet the users’ needs of data memory, data sync, charging, and sharing.

Micro USB with OTG technology

The left cable supports OTG application, for Android devices with OTG function, can read storage data and charge for the other devices and for any use.

Sync, charge and transfer data

When the USB is plugged into a PC and the microUSB is connecting a mobile phone, both mobile phone charging and data sync are supported by the PC.

Share power with other devices for emergency

When one microUSB is connected to an OTG mobile phone,the other port can be used to charge other devices for emergency use, such as bluetooth earphones.


$14.00 Excluding VAT