TT Level 10 Limited Edition

Full Tower chassis


Inspiring the Visionary
The “Level 10” concept allows gamers to experience the power of their high-end computers through the design itself. In order to achieve this, iconic design is combined with optimum functionality and innovative details. By rendering the inside components visible, the design concept focuses on the architectural aesthetics which are inherent in the computers and result from each individually configurable component. The inspiration for this approach the design team took right from the computer worlds themselves expressiveness, virtual townscapes and futuristic game components served as orientation for the arrangement and the look of individual components.

Design Collaboration by Thermaltake and BMW Group Designworks USA

The designing concept is inspired by the attention of gamers to expensive, top performance components and their inherent architectural aesthetics.

Asymmetrical Balance

The asymmetrical balance of a strong vertical heatsink with horizontal components creates an iconic architectural statement, which clearly revealing the powerful cooling characteristics of the Thermaltake Gaming Tower.

Open Compartment Architecture (O.C.A.)

Enables gamers in an unique way to experience the power of his high performance equipment and increase the usability through an innovative direct access point. The O.C.A. design with all individually encased system components exposed, all elements are visible and can easily be added or removed.

Limited Edition Badge
Badges shown are offered in a Limited Edition of 300. Serial numbers on badge assigned according to where order falls within the limited edition to show individuality.

Aerodynamics – Ventilation

The wind tunnel test for Level 10 aerodynamics uses exactly the same criteria for F1 race car. Thus Thermaltake engineers have been able to modulate the airflow to perfection. The result is highly efficient configuration that channels airflows to the maximum.

Exposed Vertical Heatsink

The exposed vertical heatsink with multiple layers symbolizes both the inherent power and excellent cooling qualities of Level 10 Gaming Station.

Full Hot Swap

6 removable hard drive cases for 3.5” and 2.5” HDD, including SSD. It is Small Disks Ready as it has built in 2.5” SSD or HDD brackets. The innovation of removable hard drive cases enables easy transport while offering protection.

$1,276.00 Excluding VAT