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We are dedicated to become the leader of the IT industry in distribution, research and software development and customer satisfaction.

At MEIT we strive to lead in the IT market with the distribution of components, laptops, extreme gaming stations and the foremost leading edge technology MEIT work only with manufacturers and legal channels to ensure proper service and pricing.

MEIT is composed by an indisputable elite workforce that masters the IT business and is dedicated to bring the best solutions for our clients. MEIT today is a people’s organization servicing over 300 clients of various market segments from north to south with full distribution capability.



We only work with manufacturers and legal channels to ensure proper service and pricing

  • Assemble PC
  • PC Components
  • Finished Products

Assemble PC

You name it we built it; from basic PC to top of the line extreme one at MEIT we tailor computers depending on each client requirements.
  • Pick and choose the level of performance you want; instead of choosing between a handful of computers with distinct strengths and flaws.
  • Our team of technicians can help you select the components that suit your use case.
  • You will speak to someone who knows it inside out, and often someone who either designed or built the machine.

PC Components

We ensure a wide range of PC components, from graphic cards, motherboards, CPU, Memory, Hard drive, SSD, Power supply…
  • The largest selection of PC components and upgrade bundles.
  • The latest components from graphics cards to motherboards that suit any budget from all the major manufacturers.
  • Whether you’re trying to build a computer from the ground up or you just need to replace a few things for optimal performance, you can find what you need.

Finished Products

We deliver on daily basis top of the line, most trendiest and up to date technologies.
  • Technology matters. But what you do matters most. The right tools—built for your unique users, environment, and mission—can help you focus on doing what you do best.
  • Let the experts at MEIT listen to your needs, understand your goals, and deliver products and solutions designed around you. Because what you do matters.